space stories

with every rise

With every familiar reminiscence of a sound

When scents of past and futures of colour occupy

Minds are at stretch

When humanities are defined differently

When close proximities are only usual

When home is not the next bright star

When day and night have no meaning anymore

When unreal is just a blink away

And cascades of dreams recur lucidly

Which is more real than now

Dots and flumes and fireballs

Tails and whiskers and halos

Turns and spheres, matters of fluorescence

Like visions of an artists trance

Just a snapshot of one lifetime

Every wrong could be right and old could be just as new

we are the kings and queens of science and gods

Blazing by a thousand splendid suns

When tenses are turned and nights are the new day

We are just a couple of kids living it up on our own

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