The Management Set
Rikha Sharma Rani

Yes, development experience for a development job is particularly important. But, I don’t see that management experience outweighs it in hiring criteria at the biggest organizations, like the UN. At the UN you had to have spent an unpaid year as an intern in very expensive cities in order to even have your CV make the first round of cuts. The UN essentially eliminates a group of people who may bring some innovation to an organization that could certainly use it. The same is true for having development experience in some ways. There may be someone who couldn’t afford to go work in a developing country for years on end for crap pay and instead had to take that management job, but it doesn’t mean they don’t bring value to the development sector in subsequent years. I still don’t think groups like DAI or Chemonics are hiring based on private sector experience either, but perhaps that’s just my perspective.

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