I wonder if the answer to this question is irrelevant — particularly when thinking about this from…
Matthew Ferry

If I understand you rightly, I think that’s what I was getting at. Moralizing is exclusively interior to human-all-too-human culture, but don’t seem to have much of a top down, encompassing control over what we Are, (in terms of effects rendered on an environment.) Yes, of course some groups are more likely to consume resources, for instance, though kind of hard to argue that has nothing to do with power, that is to say, the ability to do so. If you look at China looking to keep pace with the US, that seems evident enough. I’ve been pretty skeptical of the idea of ‘human nature’ most of my life, at least as something that outstrips the narratives we make of it. But the more history I’ve read, the harder a time I’ve had at maintaining that skepticism. It’s our own sense of agency, re: the effect that can possibly have on the sum total of what we are, that we should maybe be more skeptical of.

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