A Follow Up

But First

Before anything else I have to apologize. I promised you a follow-up to a previous post — Another Bigfoot Post — but then got myself overwhelmed. So here’s my apology, and now for the follow-up post.

The Why

Why am I doing this post?

Because I see problems. Problems among those who believe in the sasquatch and those who deny. Among those who believe the big problem is their misinterpretation of what the animal is or could be. Among those who deny the problem comes down to their refusal to accept the bigfoot is even possible. They either just don’t see how a great ape in North America is possible, or they refuse to see.

Yet there have been times when there was no Bering Strait separating Asia and North America. The ancestors of the American Indian used such a time, as did the ancestors of the North American tyrannosaurs very much earlier. Horses did the same, only going from east to west. Those are the animals I know of, there maybe others.

You get right down to it, some 20,000 years ago there was nothing stopping a terrestrial ape from crossing into North America from Asia. It was possible, and from the evidence I’ve seen, I’d have to say it has happened.

Frauds and Fools

Unfortunately, other than the ignorance on the part of the deniers we have two rather nasty barriers to the acceptance of Bigfoot, frauds and fools.


I’ll deal with the frauds first, who are those who make shit up. We’re talking about pranksters, tricksters, trolls. People such as Pan, Loki, Bugs Bunny, or the original Daffy Duck. The Satan of the Old Testament falls into this group, and the Jesus of the first two Gospels qualifies as well.

We’re talking about people who enjoy making fools out of others, gives them a giggle. When targets with strong beliefs — pro or anti sasquatch — are available, then why not have fun?

Which means you get a load of crap. Men in costumes, fake remains, that sort of thing. I recently ran across a video purporting to show a bigfoot taking a huge dump right on camera. Right from the beginning you could tell this was not footage to be taken seriously. How do you tell?

  1. An overwrought narrator.
  2. An overdone background.
  3. A really bad costume with a patently obvious mask.
  4. A subject playing for the camera.

The last is the really important one, for there is film and video in which the subject does not play for the camera, apparently having no idea of what they are looking at. Folks, no one is that good an actor.

The fools

And then you have the fools. Those who rather blatantly misinterpret what they’ve seen. In my estimation the worst is Dr. Melba Ketchum DMV of the Sasquatch Genome Project. She says that she has sequenced the sasquatch genome, but I can find no sign that she has. What I see is that she and her people have done some basic testing, but that isn’t what the subject needs.

Then you have her claim that the sasquatch is a hybrid of ape and human. To which I can only ask, say what?

Last I’ve heard, humans are 99% gorilla and 99.6% chimpanzee. We apparently have a common ancestor with the chimp and another with the gorilla. In short, we’re family. And in as much as they are descendants of Gigantopithecus Blacki so are we.

Sticking Point

Yes, there is a sticking point where G. blacki is concerned, but it helps to remember that we’re actually pretty lucky to have the remains of past life that we do have. From what we do have regarding ancient great apes in eastern Asia I think it very likely there with a Gigantopithecus species that migrated into north-east Asia and from there into North America.

The Deniers

I can understand why some people deny the existence of bigfoot. For one thing, they look too human. Way back when people denied the existence of orangutans and chimpanzees, because they looked too human. Given that the Bigfoot is an erect bipedal ape they’re encroaching on our territory. We’re supposed to be the erect bipedal ape — said I in some ire.

Tell me, who said we could be the only erect bipedal ape in existence?

So Sasquatch have to be humans in some costume. Well, if that’s what you claim, prove it. One Bob Heironimus claims to have played the Bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin film, but Dr. Jeff Muldrum has had a look at the film of Heironimus in costume and that of Patty herself and has come to the conclusion that Bob in costume is first the wrong size, and then when you adjust the respective images so they are the same size, he is now the wrong proportions.

I see no reason why you can’t have two species of erect bipedal ape.What I do see with those who deny the existence of bigfoot are people who are scared of the animal and what his existence says about ours.

One last thing, here is a video of either a male sasquatch or female picking up a sasquatch child and running away with it. If it is a fake, then why doesn’t the adult show any recognition of the camera or the person using it? Why is the adult Sasquatch running away as if he was running from some dangerous animal. Could it be that to a Sasquatch Humans are just too much like them for them to be comfortable with us.

BTW, there’s another video below the first I mentioned in which the narrator has a look at the subject

And before I go I have a question. Why is it that the footage you see showing what is most likely a real Bigfoot so damn bad? So blurry and out of focus? Do you mean to tell me that just because you see a sasquatch you have to have a meltdown? You see a bigfoot take a few deep breaths, letting them out slowly, and just calm down. Then take up your camera, make sure you’re using the main lens, and focus manually. If your camera has automatic focus, disable it. Automatic focus is a crime against photography. Oh, if you must take pictures take tons. Even the best of the National Geographic photographers only use less than 1% of the pictures they take, because the vast majority of the shots they make simply stink. So focus manually, take gigabytes of photos, and stay calm. So we share the world with another erect bipedal ape, is that a sin against God? We’re not alone, deal with it.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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