An Apology

I know you’re not supposed to need inspiration, but I find I work best with inspiration. At least to start with. It’s also said that you don’t need to worry about how you say it, just say it. If that’s the case why do we need to edit and revise?

To be honest with you how you say it is important. For we are not all that competent when it comes to expressing ourselves. All too often we don’t have the vocabulary, and what vocabulary we have we really don’t know how to use. Then there is the fact we are really not all that hot at expressing ourselves and we often find ourselves discovering better ways of saying it once we’ve said it. Watsonfinds — a plugin I recently installed — says my writing will make you said, but then I am a little disappointed in how I’m not all that hot at expressing myself. I’m a little down and I’m just not going to lie to you.

But at least my proctologist will be learning something tomorrow — an endoscope is coming up — which means possibly good things. One, I hope, is that my bleeding colon will be dealt with. And me so healthy otherwise.

Another thing I’ve recently learned is that I need fat in my diet. I need it for the energy, energy to do things, get out of the house, and exercise. I know that lipids are not supposed to be good for you, but I’m a mutant and my secret mutant power is low cholesterol. It means whole milk instead of skim, cheese pizza, ice cream, and butter in great gobs. Don’t you hate people like me? :)

We’re not all the same and I think that is a great thing. But anyway…I’m off now to find things to write about.

BTW, now my writing is termed joyful, and I have no idea why.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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