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During Comic Fest I saw and talked with physicist and author Gregory Benford. I one occasion I said I accepted the existence of bigfoot, and he asked for evidence I was not able to give him at the time. Now I have some I consider convincing, though he — and you — may not.

The first, The Patterson Film Stabilized, shows the film, well, stabilized. For some people, it seems this stabilized footage apparently proves that it has to be a man in a suit.

The second, The Complete Patterson/Gimlin — scroll down, shows the whole reel of film that was shot at the time, and Patty — as she is known — doesn’t show up until 2:38 into the film. One thing I’ve noticed is that apparently Patterson was taken by surprise, and you can see the footage jumping about until he got his act together and got a clearer picture — at least a more focused picture. Now, if he had planned this, why was he surprised. And don’t tell me it was acting, nobody’s that good an actor.

What the deniers are telling me is that they won’t see the possibility of a great ape in North America. The claim is that the Bering Strait won’t allow it. As far as that goes they’re right. But, they’re thinking of the Bering Strait as it exists today, there have been times when it didn’t.

Beringia appears when the sea level falls to the point where the Bering Strait disappears to be replaced by dry land. This has happened at times in the past and appears to be what the tyrannosaurs in the Cretaceous and the equids much later cross over to get from Asia to North America in the former case, and North America to Asia in the latter. More recently one species of great ape crossed Beringia to get to North America from Asia. Today there are hundreds of millions of them living in the Americas, one of whom is currently typing up this post.

Where the bigfoot is concerned as far as I can see the animal is descended from the species Gigantopithecus blacki. and so most closely related to the gorilla, chimp, bonobo, and us.

Of course, I must also concede that the bigfoot resembles us too dang closely. We are both bipedal apes. The urge for some to see a bigfoot as someone wearing a suit is just too tempting. But I see a problem with that, the subject is just too fluid. People in costumes just don’t look that fluid. When dressed we don’t look that fluid. If it is a hoax it is far more likely as far as I’m concerned to be not a costume, but make-up.

Finally, there is the matter of Patty’s extraordinary reaction to Patterson. What makes her reaction extraordinary? That she had no reaction. At least not the kind of reaction you’d expect from a human being filmed. To repeat myself, nobody’s that good an actor.

To clarify you don’t see Patty playing to the camera as you would expect a person to. Far as I can see she has no idea what a film camera is or that she is being filmed. I just don’t see a human carrying off an act like this convincingly.

I can accept the existence of bigfoot because I can see it as possible, and since I can see it as possible I can accept the evidence presented in a number of videos. That another won’t says much about him.

What should be is not what is, and our advances in science have shown this to be a fact. The Earth orbits the Sun, you can’t go at the speed of light, and two great apes — human and bigfoot — live in North America. That’s what the evidence tells me, and I accept the evidence.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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