Another One

Today I turn 63, which means I am now entering my 64th year of life. These days that’s nothing remarkable. To mark the day I’m dedicating myself to a few things, among these is getting some work done. That means that a couple of documents and wikis over at Dangerous Journeys are getting worked on. I will also be engaging more with G+ and Facebook and sharing with Linkedin again.

Starting this Monday I’ll be getting out of the apartment more often, for I have some medical work to be done and some books to read. The latter being the History of Magic and Experimental Science — and I’ve forgotten the author’s name, one of the problems you get with autism. I’m doing this so I’m doing something, and accomplishment helps a lot with major depression.

So, two more days until Spring, which means most of you can expect more snow in the coming weeks. Just the way it works. Hope you’re all doing well.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.