Bad News

The bad news is, biology trumps ideology.On the average women are smaller and weaker than men. This we call sexual dimorphism. Which doesn’t mean men must be in charge, for women are tough aggressive creatures in their own right.

What it comes down to is, we are better off when we treat each other with respect, even the smallest and the weakest. For we all have much to contribute, and we all can and will participate to the best of our abilities.

Some of us do need help and don’t be surprised at just who will turn out to need that help. Others will be able to provide help for others better than you would expect. For each has strengths that can surprise you, and most can participate in life to a degree you may not expect.

And don’t underestimate socializing. We evolved our great intelligence the better to socialize, and it is that intelligence that has given us much of what we have today. It is our skill at socializing that has made us clever, inventive, and creative. Our talent at socializing that has made us what we are today, and which will in the coming days help us to adapt and adjust to the changes coming. Any group cooperating on a goal is practically guaranteed to beat any individual in any test of intelligence.

In all truth, it matters not now big or how strong a person is, for without allies he has no real chance against any group, no matter how small or weak the individual members are.

So don’t mistake a person’s gender and think that your’s gives you an advantage. More often that you would think your gender can mean that you are at a disadvantage and that you need to take some very careful steps.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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