Blatant Fraud

In Important Message for the Bigfoot Field the author, Steve Summar, claims that a number of sasquatch have been killed by individuals in Oklahoma and Texas. At one point he goes so far as to claim that a bigfoot actually raised his arms in surrender, only to be shot down.

So let’s say that bigfoot are being killed by hunters, then what the fuck are they doing with the bodies? People are clamoring for a sasquatch corpse. Joe Sixpack shows up at an emergency room or doctor’s office with an 8' long humanoid corpse he’s just paid off his debts and bought himself a new house. No corpse, no proof.

Then there’s the matter of one raising his arms in surrender. Where the fuck did he learn to do that? Fuck, where the fuck did he learn what a firearm is? People like Steve Summar are assholes who think their audience is made up of fools.

Folks, we need to repudiate fools such as Steve Summar and get them thoroughly discredited. We can no longer allow the deniers to use such idiots to support their own stupidity.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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