Damn Right I’m Ranting

Recently I’ve been searching for information on bigfoot — or sasquatch — habituation, and just about every case what I hear is blatant stupidity.

Researchers Dian Fossey — gorillas, Birute Galdikas — orangutans, and Jane Goodall — chimpanzees — .each habituated their respective subjects properly. That is, each woman went and lived among their gorillas, orangutans, or chimps for a long period of time until their subjects became used to them.

What are the so-called bigfoot habituators — it’s a new word, sue me — doing?

They’re not habituating the animals, getting them used to people that is, they’re more harassing them.

In most every case I’ve seen it’s usually a man who treats the affair as an afternoon adventure he can drive to. His actions can only be considered aggressive and guaranteed to drive most sensible folks into hiding. They are too damn rude.

Fossey, Galdikas, and Goodall had a number of things in common. For one they were women. For another, they went and lived constantly in the presence of their subjects. Most importantly they invited contact, invitations that were eventually accepted.

In contrast, the sasquatch researchers are men — aggressive men at that, and they are demanding contact. It doesn’t work with dogs, why should it work with bigfoot? Years ago I learned to let the dog make the first approach, why not try the same approach with sasquatch?

If you’re going out to habituate bigfoot why not try this. Find a woman volunteer who is ready and willing to go live out where bigfoot have been reported. Provide them with the equipment they need to live — a tent or trailer or example, plus other gear — and make sure they have at least one body camera. A good singing voice, a guitar she can play competently, and a large friendly dog may also be a big help. Just a hunch.

People, if you really want to discover bigfoot start by being adults instead of impatient brats, and be prepared to spend some time in the quest. You get to a likely spot sit your ass down next to a tree you can rest against and relax. Sing, read, take pictures, play a guitar, and damn it relax. You’re not getting anywhere by being tense, and you sure as fuck aren’t going to impress anybody by acting all macho and he man.

That was my rant.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.