Sleeping sasquatch?

Apparently, a young bigfoot went to sleep right in front of a camera, and all they got was the footage you see below. Hairy, isn’t he? You’ll note that the animal does not have the hair of a bear, or even a bison or wapiti. It might even be primate hair.

The fact that it is fluffy tells me that the subject is cold-adapted, which is what you’d expected out of a creature living in the cold north.It also doesn’t look like the fur of any animal I’ve ever seen before, at least not something living in the wild.

Six breaths a minute is also a damn slow breathing rate. I was once measured at 14 breaths a minute, and the doctor doing the observation said that that was slow.

In any case, if it is a man in some sort of costume why the appearance? Why the slow rate of breathing? Why was the footage shot at that location and under such conditions? For that matter, who made the suit, what was the suit made of, where was it made, and who helped make it. Man in a suit? Where’s the evidence?

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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