Follow Up

This is the second video in a series of three covering the film maker’s work at making contact with a bigfoot band. In Worth Watching you got my take on what he was doing. Now he seems to be doing it even more. I like his willingness to try patience, but I still see a fair amount of impatience. I recommend instead of trying to force the situation our host just sit still clack a pair of sticks together then wait.

Now as you watch note that the film took place in dense forest. You really can’t see all that much in such terrain. In addition, you’re not given much real information. Obviously our host is seeing and hearing things you can’t. For the most part because you really don’t know what to look for or to listen for. Then there is the fact there is nothing for you to catch what with the trees confusing the scene.

Now as I write the video is playing and in the video a black blur appears. Unfortunately the videographer sort of missed the shot. Even if he hadn’t I suspect the camera used would not have given him a clear shot. It is for this reason I advise anyone going out to film anything do it with a good camera and a good lens.

In addition just wait. Wait until the animal gives you a clear shot, then focus on the subject and take the shot. Don’t force the issue, let your subject take the lead.

Originally published at Mythusmage Today.

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