The Elves of Aerth


This is the first in a new series on the fae of Ærth. This posts is on the Elves of Mythus


As with the other fae in Mythus the elves were once humans who fled Ærth to avoid being “corrupted” by the immigrants arriving from the east with their new-fangled agriculture.Æ

Present Day

At present there are two types of elf in Mythus, those of Phæree, and those of Ærth

Of Phæree

These elves live in Phæree and have the following qualities; they are immortal, unless slain by violence; they are strong in magick, both psychogenic powers and castings, and are often full practitioners; Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually they are superior to humans, and often of near supernatural quality.

However, they are susceptible to iron and steel, suffering harm just from being near it, and actual insinuation harms even more

Of Ærth

The elves of Ærth are those who have returned to that world on a permanent basis, or who are descended from such returnees.

They are not immortal, living only for hundreds for years. They are still potent where magick is concerned, but not all among them can use castings; they do still have psychogenic powers in general. The are somewhat superior where their Traits are concerned, and to have a higher proportion of Full Practitioners.

Unlike their cousins in Phæree they are not harmed by iron in any form.

Important to Both

Both populations have a rather low birth rate; the elves of Phæree thanks to their immortality, the elves of Ærth thanks to their long lifes. Both are looked on askance, and they do resemble each other greatly. The JM is advised to keep social distinctions firmly in mind, and to remember that elves of both worlds are not what one would call equalitarian.

Concerning Mechanics

The elves of Mythus are superior to humans, but because there are fewer of them and they breed more slowly humans in contrast will tend to have more advantages socially. Remember to play them as alien, with a tendency towards caution. Elves are most likely to be Dweomercræfters, with a few being Explorers, Sages, and Soothsayers.


Along with elves Mythus has a few other fae of like sort. These include the; light alfar, dark alfar, drow, trow, and alfen.

The alfar; both kinds; and the alfen are different kinds of elves.

The drow and trow are not elves.


Next in this series we’ll be looking at the drow of Phæree and Ærth, who are not exactly like the drow Dave Newton wrote about in the day.

Originally published at Infinite Adventures.

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