Laying the First Stone

It takes a whole ocean and the moon to erase your mere footsteps in the sand.

As an introvert riddled with an overly-analytical mind, breaking the ice has never been my forté. However, 2017 has been the year of personal discovery and growth it seems, so this is me tentatively dipping my toes in unknown waters.

My name is Cat, I’m 19 years old and I live and study in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. Currently, my degree is a total conglomeration of many different courses, and after changing my major four times I’m still not quite sure what on earth I’m doing with myself. At the moment I’m an English major with a minor in Classical Studies, so I’m basically a huge nerd for literature and ancient history and most of my life is dedicated to textbooks and essay writing. I still haven’t decided if university is for me… I’ll get back to you on that.

I live in a crazy student flat with four other flatmates (whom I adore with my whole heart) and my girlfriend, Helen, who deserves a special mention because she’s the constant silver lining of my life.

Some passions of mine include napping, mental health, reading, helping people, yoga and Netflix. I live with mental illness, which is something I’d like to talk about in future posts, and I’m constantly learning about other people’s stories and how I may be able to help those around me who are struggling. Until I reached my senior years of high school I absolutely loved to write — I swear I devoted 90% of my waking moments to writing. As my health grew worse and life became harder to live, my creative mind seemed to vanish without a trace. Recently I have been trying to fulfill small goals designed to re-cultivate my creative streak, another thing I would like to share here in upcoming posts!

I have piercings and tattoos, love animals, drink a lot of coffee and frozen cokes, could talk for hours about art history (especially Van Gogh), and I probably spend a little too much time watching horror films and true crime documentaries.

There’s no way of telling if anyone will read this, but if you did, then please watch this space! I’ve got plans for this blog… so long as my tendency to procrastinate doesn’t get in the way.

Much love,

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