Aroused after a hangover? Here’s the scientific explanation

You feel absolutely sick and deranged. Your head hurts like thousand little demons are hammering and chiselling their way into it. You’re probably embarrassed when the events of last night finally unfurl in front of you. But on top of it all why do you feel so… horny?

You have probably come across the urban term “horny hangover”. Did you know it actually exists? Here are four reasons why your hangovers may get you all turned on.

Sex is all you can think about- Alcohol myopia is a condition where after consuming alcohol you tend to focus on immediate happenings around you and not worry about any distant happenings. To break it even further, we’re more likely to focus on only the good parts rather than the bad ones.

As sex is obviously a sensation everyone loves to experience, it’s pretty obvious that getting drunk makes us more likely to respond to our sexual stimuli. So, if you are hungover from last night, you probably still have a lingering effect of it.

Eases up the pain- We all know what a relief orgasms can be when we’re in some sort of physical pain. Imagine the same cure for your terrible hangover. Pretty liberating, isn’t it?

You finally get to feel (even if it is for a few minutes) something other than a hammering headache. It’s like, you’re momentarily elevated from your devious hangover purgatory, making the everyday sensations of sex angelic.

You may be craving good sex- More often than not drunk sex is not great sex, so if you didn’t get your full quota last night, the morning after may look like the perfect window as any to give it another go. Alcohol acts as a neural suppressant, which means too much of it can get your way of erection, arousal, lubrication and even sensation. So, if you’re counting on an orgasm, you might want to wait till the stuff starts to actually leave your system.

Your body is calling the shots- A study found that men who had been drinking had a really difficult time controlling their erections. So, chances are if you still have alcohol in your system the next morning, you may find your body and brain stuck in the middle of two very different universes.

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