Does your website really need customized Thank You pages?

Getting a website up and running requires a lot of work. And even after weeks of toil, the website might not end up returning the expected returns. The interface may not appeal to the visitors, technical issues may stop users from reaching it, one can go on and on listing them. There are certain websites that work quite well, and there are a number of factors contributing to that.

Effective CTAs, blogs are some of these factors. Customized Thank You pages too chip in. You may be thinking, creating a landing page for a “thank you” message on your website seems like a chore that would not bring a lot of results. But in reality, it is yet another point of contact with your target audience, another chance for leads to move further along the buyer’s journey.

First of all, the basic reason behind employing a thank you page is to let your visitors know that their visit matters to you. Your visitors like to hear a thank you from you. They like knowing that you are glad they visited. And if your way of expressing gratitude can be personalized for your website, it just adds to the value of it. Insert a few cute graphics, minimal text, maybe little sound bits, a gif or two. You just cannot pass up any opportunity to grab eyeballs.

Your site visitors have taken the time to share their personal details with you. It’s up to you to ensure that they know they’ve landed on the correct page after downloading your offer. A thank you page will let you display additional offers and keep the visitors on your website.

Social media sharing options are an important part of landing pages in general, but they’re also a valuable asset on your thank you pages, in particular. After all, it’s here that your prospect has gained access to your offer, and has the option to share it with their friends and contacts if they deem it worthy. A great trick to maximize this sharing opportunity is to have your downloadable offer open in a new window, without closing your thank you page. This allows your viewers to go back after viewing your offer and share it from the thank you page.

When a contact subscribes to your blog and sees a thank you page after signing up, it’s an opportunity for you to highlight some of your best work, whether it’s infographics or your top blog posts. It’s an easy way of directing them towards exploring more of your content. Besides showing your gratitude, you’re pulling people deeper inside your portal.

You can use this page to let people know about the upcoming events. For an online retailer, this could be an upcoming sale. For an organization, it could be a webinar, in-person meeting or online chat. Take it up a notch and include a calendar widget that allows the prospect to register and add the event to his/her own calendar. You can easily pull in more people with this simple addition.

Not just these, a thank you page creates a great impression in the mind of the people. Manners are something that people attach a lot of importance to subconsciously. I for one, feel happy when apps come up with personalized thank you message after the service request has been placed. Take a hint from your own experiences, go create a thank you page.