Getting Pregnant In the 20s, 30s, 40s and what comes next

You can find various info (which are most likely to be misinformations) out there about when is the right time to welcome that bundle of joy into your life. But no matter what search engine you’re going to, your grandmother or that random lady standing next to you at the grocery store says, there’s no perfect or ‘right’ time to get pregnant. However, plenty of factors and arguments actually can offer a glimpse behind the curtains, as in the type of pregnancy you’ll have to go through.

What is your age? Are you in your 20s or 30s? Or are you in your 40s? This might act as one of the main factors.

Whether you’re thinking of getting pregnant now, or a few years later, or whenever, here’s what you can expect.

The 20s…

After years of trying really really hard not to get pregnant (thank god for birth controls!), you can finally think about having a baby in your 20s. Many doctors even consider this age bracket to be perfect for conceiving, well, of course, because of youth! Your body is capable, strong, and ready to carry around another human being inside you.

A normal pregnancy in your 20s comes with low risk, as in developing Gestational Diabetes or Preeclampsia is less likely. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, getting pregnant in your 20s leads to a lower risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer later in life. Conceiving the baby can turn out to be easier too, as your fertility rates are high.

Ohh, yes, if you’re worried about the energy, it wasn’t that far back when you were pulling all-nighters with your friends, so… you get the idea!

The 30s…

Your mother, relatives and some of your friends might have had told you that at 35 your biological clock tends to slow down. But the truth to be told: A pregnancy in your 30s can be a lot similar to that of in your twenties; it can turn out to be just as low-risk.

All things considered, if you have any medical issues, like High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, then you’ll have to frequent your doctor even more. Also after 35, you tend to have a higher possibility of needing to have a Cesarean section. And the infertility rate starts to rise up, as does the possibility of suffering a miscarriage.

The 40s…

While a healthy pregnancy is completely on the cards, your doctor will want you to keep a close inspection on you. Which roughly translates to more prenatal visits, frequent screenings.

The miscarriage rate in this decade is pretty high, so be very vigilant and take care of yourself. There are also chances that you may develop High Blood Pressure, Preeclampsia, Placental problems, or even Diabetes.