Heart-health super-foods you need in your diet now!

Some foods are known to help you lower your cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and slow the formation of plaque (one of the reasons of heart disease). Likewise, certain types of food are great when it comes to keeping your heart healthy while others not so much.

On the other hand, if some taken in large quantities, can actually higher your risk for a heart condition or mess with your heart medication.

Below are the superfoods that you should be considering for your heart health.

Green Tea- Green tea is full of antioxidants (polyphenols and catechins), which is known to prevent the damage of cell and protect you from heart ailments. A study has found out that tea drinkers have suffered lesser chances of heart attack and stroke, than people who don’t drink tea. It is also known to improve your heart health and metabolism.

Quinoa- Quinoa is a great superfood as it’s a gluten-free whole grain, which is rich in minerals, and has high protein value. It contains all the nine essential amino acids which are found in meat, including lysine, an amino acid important for tissue growth and repair.

Nuts- Be it almonds, cashews or walnuts, nuts have a high content of healthy fats in them. This puts them high on the list of foods that are great for your heart. The omega-3 fatty acids present in nuts are known to lessen the chances of you suffering from dangerous heart rhythms. It also reduces the risk of forming blood clots.

Dark Chocolate- You don’t need to feel bad about reaching for that occasional piece of dark chocolate anymore! It has been found out that the flavonoids present in dark chocolate can help in reducing inflammation and improve your blood circulation.

A study found that having dark chocolate might reduce heart attacks and strokes for people who are at high chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Fatty Fish- Fishes, such as salmon, lake trout, sardines, anchovies, are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in controlling high blood pressure, reducing irregular heartbeats, and decreasing your risk of stroke and heart failure.

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