Here’s why plum and prunes should make it to your plate!

Your mother and grandmother might have told you that plums are extremely nutritious fruit, having a variety of health benefits to offer. They are full of many vitamins and minerals, that may help you in reducing the chances of getting any several chronic diseases.

You can eat plums fresh or dried which your salads. Dried plums, or prunes, improve several health issues, such as Constipation and Osteoporosis.

Below mentioned are the major reasons why you should include plums and prunes into your diet right now.

They Contain Many Nutrients- Plums and prunes are known to be rich in nutrients. They consist of over 15 different kinds of vitamins and minerals, including fiber and antioxidants. Plums are comparatively low in calories, but they do contain important vitamins and minerals.

Prunes and Prune Juice May Relieve Constipation- Prunes and prune juice are famous for their ability to relieve Constipation. This is partly because of the fact that prunes have the high amount of fiber.

Prunes and prune juice contain sorbitol, which is a kind of sugar alcohol with natural laxative effects. Prunes and prune juice may be used for the treatment of Constipation as they contain fiber and sorbitol.

Plums and Prunes Are Rich in Antioxidants- Plums and prunes have a pretty high content of antioxidants, which can prove to be helpful in case of reducing inflammation. It also protects your cells from damage by the free radicals.

They are known to be high in polyphenol antioxidants, which makes it good for your bone health. It may even help in reducing the chances of heart disease and Diabetes.

They May Help Lower Your Blood Sugar- Plums have the capability of helping you with your blood sugar control. Plums and prunes don’t cause any major rise in blood sugar levels when consumed, despite being full of carbs.

Consuming plums and prunes can also lower your chances of Type 2 Diabetes.

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