Making changes to your website? Keep these CRO tips in mind [Part 1]

Establishing a website on the Internet requires a considerable amount of work. Gaining stable traffic needs the implementation of multiple digital marketing principles. This may even involve spending money. After all of that, you may need to make certain changes to your website. This part is always nerve-wracking. What if your traffic goes down? What if your sales suffer?

What industry leaders are experts of are the set of techniques called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). These techniques ensure that no matter what you change about your website, the traffic and conversion rate never falls.

Reduce the number of form fields
Eliminate unnecessary form fields. Trying to make your work easy by adding extra fields to be filled in by your customers will ultimately result in drop in the number of leads. If you don’t need their company’s name, zip code, CVV code of their credit card, reconfirmation of their password/email id, don’t ask for them. Ideally, number of fields should be kept around five.

Make your CTA visible
You may have read case studies that say, red color call-to-action converted better than a green one, and so on. But this doesn’t mean that you must use the red colored CTA to improve conversions. It’s all about which color pops up better on the background of your web page. More the contrast, higher will be the conversion rate.

Get rid of image sliders
Yes, most portals have it. That doesn’t make it cool. Maybe you’re displaying five offers through the sliders. Chances are high that most people would see one of them and miss the other four. Instead, use static banners and stack them. People would prefer to scroll at their own pace, than have you decide the speed for them.

Avoid stock images
People have seen these photos. It is hardly even difficult to understand that. Everybody uses wallpapers, and these photos have all been used by someone or the other. People like to deal with humans, not websites. So, try using real people on your website instead of stock photos or even models. Let normal people like your own employees, pose for you. It will help people relate better and make them more willing to do business with you.

Incorporate videos
Show how your product works, use real people to announce your offers, encourage your customers to post video reviews. An Indian saying translates, “if it is visible, it will sell.” Using videos will bring up the conversion rate by upto 100%.

Make sure your headline is clear
Headline is usually one of the most noticeable things on a landing page and getting it right can boost your website conversions to a great extent.

Create urgency
Offer a limited-period incentive. Give them a reason why they should bother to take action now and not after a few days. When people understand that they’ll miss out on something if they keep it for later, they are more likely to act in your favor.

Use the word “FREE” more often
It may feel a bit unfair to play with the minds of your customers so blatantly, but this trick works even today. You will still have to offer a lucrative and working offer, but you are more likely to at least get a click if you use the word “free”. Searching the word “free” on Google will give you more than 13 billion results, so you know what we are talking about.

There are some other important tips that will help your renovated website stay afloat. They will be discussed in the next post. However, these principles themselves are capable of returning visible results. Some of these steps may take time to return results. Patience is the key.