Meditation: Achieving everything by doing nothing

In this fast and ever-changing world, Meditation is one sure way to bring peace and calmness into your mind. It not only brings you peace but also helps you to better concentrate on things. If you already have been meditating for some time now, you would know about its many benefits. Your meditation time is pretty special for you. It is probably one of the very few times during the day when you get to do nothing for a change!

Remember Raj Koothrappali trying really hard to create the perfect environment for Sheldon Cooper to meditate? Well in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks to create that same perfect environment for you!

Choose a place

If you already have an oceanfront room or maybe a room in your house which faces lush green trees, or a beautiful garden, you can’t ask for more. You may already be using this room for some other purpose, but don’t worry about it. All you need to do is choose a small space in this room for your meditation.

But what to do if you don’t have the above-mentioned setting? Fret not! You can meditate in a room of your choice, as long as it is clean and hygienic. It’s a simple theory, if the environment around you is spic and span, your mind can better relax during meditation.

Lots of fresh air helps

An airy and less cluttered room is surely going to help you meditate better. You would love to feel the cool breeze coming through the windows and caressing your face as you start to relax after a long day!

Go for light shades

You may already know this! Pastel shades give a more soothing feel compared to dark or bright colors. Choose a room with either white or light shade walls that helps you in relaxing. Or, you can also consider going for a wallpaper or curtains to give you a similar soothing effect.

Use a yoga mat for comfort

It is always advised not to sit directly on the floor while meditating. A soft yoga mat is exactly what you need. In case you find it uncomfortable to sit down on the mat, you can choose a chair with a good backrest so that you can properly meditate.

Detach from the phone

Meditation time should be strictly your time, so your phone calls and emails can wait. The whole point is to detach yourself from the world so that you can concentrate and connect with your inner self.

Play it soft

This absolutely your choice. Some people like to listen to soft and soothing music while meditating. This helps them to concentrate better. But you may also choose to meditate to no music at all.

There you go! Your own little sanctuary, your hideout is ready for you. Happy meditating, people!

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