More reasons for you to love salsa!

What kind of salsa do you prefer? Tangy and classy tomato and jalapeño, or maybe raw mango; whichever may be your favourite flavour, salsa is one of the most popular dips in the world. And as it turns out, it’s also great for your health!

In case you’re dicey about adding salsa to your diet, we have listed down six reasons your body will be grateful for having salsa.

It’s rich in Vitamin C- Lime juice, onions, and tomatoes are filled with antioxidant Vitamin C. Vitamin C help in preventing heart disease and promotes healthy ageing. Foods can loose this nutrient when heated. But normally salsa is served raw, which keeps the goodness of Vitamin C intact.

It can stabilize blood sugar- Fiber is abundantly present in plants, and salsa is full of fiber minus the fat or sugar. This is perfect for someone with Type 2 Diabetes who wants to add flavour to their food without increasing their blood sugar. Fiber makes us feel full after we eat, and it doesn’t trigger any insulin release from your body.

It keeps you hydrated- It is a known fact, over 95 percent of a tomato’s weight comes from water. It’s very important for an adult to have eight glasses of water per day and to eat fruits which are rich in water, like tomatoes. Every cell of your body needs water, so adding salsa to your diet can help your body work better.

It may reduce the chances of cancer- Tomatoes consist of Carotenoid Lycopene, which is known to fight against the cancer-bearing cells, hence reducing the chances of cancer.

It helps in burning fat- The jalapenos that are used in fresh salsa get their spice from Capsaicin. Capsaicin can increase your body’s fat burning capacity, which causes weight loss.

It’s good for your heart- Dietary cholesterol is gained when you consume foods that come from animals. Salsa are only made from ingredients that come from plants, and it’s naturally free of cholestero

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