Say goodbye to greasy hair!

Struggling with washing your hair every day because the grease is intolerable, is a story which every girl can write about. But if you really think about it, getting to the root of the misery, makes more sense than battling your beauty affliction.

So follow these tips below and say goodbye to greasy hair!

You’re touching your hair too much- Just like touching your face continuously is unacceptable, constantly playing with your hair (flirtatiously, out of habit or just because you’re bored) transfers the oils present in your fingertips to your strands. I know it’s going to be difficult to keep your hands off those lustrous locks, but try to control yourself.

You’re washing your hair more than necessary- I get it, washing clears the dirt and grease from your scalp and hair, but just a fair warning, it doesn’t necessarily help. Shampooing your hair on a daily basis can strip off the natural oils from your scalp, so to cope up it produces more oil. Try to cut back on washing your hair to 2/3 times a week or at least every other day.

You’re using too much conditioner- You may be using a conditioner that’s too heavy for your hair, which can actually weigh it down. Or you may be ignoring to wash your hair properly, which can be another reason. And last but not the least, never apply conditioner all over your hair. Just focus on the ends to avoid oily roots.

You’re brushing your hair too much- Brushing your smooth long hair can be a pleasurable experience. But did you notice your hair looks glossy at first, but it takes a greasy turn soon after? Also, only stick to detangling the lengths and ends if you can’t get over your obsessive hair brushing habit.

You’re not cleaning your brush properly- Did you know your hairbrush actually harbours the build-up of all styling products that you ever used? And dust, too? A clogged brush transfers these onto your hair, which makes it feel dirty. So, make sure yours is cleaned properly!

You’re choosing the wrong products- Are you sure you’re choosing the right products for your hair? Your styling products may not be compatible with your hair. Look for lightweight formulas and avoid ones that promise ‘shine’ and ‘moisture’ which would be better suited to dry or dull hair types.