Things you can do with the fruits that are going bad

Not every one of us can be characters from a fairytale and just visit the orchard with our baskets for picking the perfectly ripe fruits. So, in reality, after spending hours and hours choosing the fruits with painstaking care at the grocery store or farmers’ market, you don’t really need to let any of it go to waste.

But what if it gets overripe? In that case, you should that fruits that are softening or on the verge of rotting is not a lost cause after all. You could cook up some unexpected deliciousness with it.

We sorted out six such ideas that you can put to use!

Jazz up a salad- Melons, Pineapple, or Berries, can be added to a salad, giving it a burst of colours and healthy flavours. Before that produce goes bad, you’ll get the benefits of its fiber in your last-minute lunch.

Freeze it- This a sure shot way of making your fruits last forever. Mix them in a juicer, and freeze them in ice trays. You can use these ‘fruit cubes’ for your cocktails, smoothies, or maybe use them for flavouring sparkling water.

Great for pancakes- Give your pancakes a fruity tang by mixing Bananas or Berries in place of added sugar. Just make sure you go easy with the maple syrup!

Mix a marinade- Ripe, green Kiwifruit or Papaya is excellent for tenderizing meats and can add a juicy flavour to your grilled meats. Kiwifruit consists of a natural enzyme called Actinidin that helps in breaking down of Protein, and marinade faster. You may not think of fruit and meat together, but when it’s overripe, the syrupy sweetness can actually reduce well into a marinade.

Get your chocolate fix- Avocados can be used to make amazing chocolate dips. Just mash it and mix it up with a melted bar of chocolate and there you have it! You will have a sweet and nutritious chocolate spread.

Cocktail is an option too- You could make a puree of those overripened fruits and then add the juice to give your cocktails a punch of exotic flavour. Citrus peels can be infused into both vinegars or alcohol for a hint of sweetness, too.

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