Want Toned Thighs and Abs? Try these exercises right now!

Have you ever noticed a good challenge can really make you responsible, help you to achieve your goals, and encourage you to set healthier habits for yourself that stick? Well, at least as long as you don’t abandon them right after you got what you wanted!

So, if you have been dreaming for those swimsuit ready toned thighs and abs for some time now, here’s a little challenge for you. Try these exercises that will help you to tone your mid area and sculpt your inner thighs.

The 100

This exercise is called “the 100” for a reason. In this form of exercise, you will have to pump your arms and count till 100 under your breath.

  • First of all, place the ball between your ankles just above the ankle joints and then squeeze. Make sure you’re keeping your legs off the floor.
  • Now curl your head, neck, and shoulders off the mat, and start pumping your arms up and down.
  • Keep inhaling for about 5 counts and exhaling for 5 counts until you’ve completed “the 100.”

If you’re not feeling comfortable, and need to modify your position you can bend your knees into a tabletop position.

Single Leg Stretch

You would require a ball for this exercise.

  • Keeping the ball between your ankles, lift your legs and stretch it long. Now, place both of your hands around your right knee and bend it towards your body while rolling the ball up along the length of your left leg.
  • Now really focus and switch sides. Make sure you squeeze your inner thighs enough to keep the ball in place as you move.
  • Complete 10 sets or at least minimum 5 on each side, focusing on your core and try keeping your head lifted.

Double Straight Leg Lower & Lift

You would require a ball for this exercise.

  • At first, place the ball back between your ankles.
  • Support your head with both of your hands with elbows open to the sides. Now, lift your legs up and stretch them as straight as you can.
  • Using your core, hold your torso up and try not to pull on your neck.
  • Now, keep your upper-half strong as you begin to lower down your legs. Keep in mind that the lower you go, the harder it will get.
  • Make sure to squeeze the ball in, keeping your lower back fully on the floor.
  • With absolute focus, lift the legs back up. Now, repeat.

Every reward comes at a price. What you need to decide is how badly you want the reward. Take up the challenge and the reward is sure to delight you.

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