How to Remove a Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Lid?

Have you ever tried to remove the dual flush toilet cistern lid removal? Do you experience difficulty in removing the cistern lid of the toilet? It is found that older ceramic cisterns are closely coupled to the pan or placed just above it, which easily lifts off. In some cases, plastic cisterns have some screws around the edge of the lid that holds on, which requires effort in lid removal.

In case of Dual flush toilet cisterns like Armitage Shanks, the lid is held in right place by the push button mechanism, which is mounted through a hole in lid. In this post, you will find great tips to remove a cistern lid removal for dual flush toilet.

Process of Cistern Lid Removal:

To remove the lid of Armitage Shanks dual flush toilet cistern, first two buttons have to be removed by pulling them out from their socket. Both flush buttons have a fingernail notch on the side. You need to push one button down all the way (the toilet will flush), then dig your nail into notch of the other button to pull it out. You will find the button will click out of position and can be easily removed from the socket. These flush buttons have a long and thin spindle of plastic attached which reaches down to operate the real buttons inside the cistern. So, be careful in handling these buttons and do not break them.

After removing the flush buttons, you can find a plastic screw in the socket, which holds the lid. Using a wide bladed screwdriver, you can loosen up the screw and take it out. The button of the socket mounted through cistern lid has no thread in screw hole. After the screw is removed then the cistern lid will easily lift off and button socket can be removed from the lid by pushing it out from underneath.

After Removal Process of Cistern Lids:

The button socket has holes in it, which allows water to drain into the cistern when buttons are washed during toilet cleaning. Before assembling the lid, all parts can be washed and cleaned.

Cistern with the Lid-off can be flushed:

Dual flush cistern can be flushed with lid removed. By poking through the holes (in the height adjustable Sliding Plate) you can push flushing buttons down. You can also use a button with spindle attached or a screwdriver to push down the flush buttons. In many cases where space permits, then the flush buttons can be pressed directly with finger or thumb.

Replacing the Cistern Lid:

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