Tips to Replace your Old Toilet Seat with a Functional & New One

For replacing a toilet seat, you must consider different factors that will help in getting a right and functional one. Whether you choose round, oval, plastic or wooden, your new commode seat should complement the bathroom décor.

In this post, we are going to discuss about some tips for successfully replacing the toilet or commode seat with a right one.

Consider the Shape of your Toilet:

Toilet or commode seats are generally available in two different shapes like round or elongated, each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. Elongated or oval shaped toilet or commode seats are more popular among home owners in UK. So before beginning you’re shopping for toilet or commode seat, it is important to find out whether you have round or elongated toilet bowl to buy accordingly.

Look Out for a Mount Type:

You can decide whether to opt for a conventional bolt-and-nut mount or an integral bolt and nut. Conventional bolt-and-nut mounts are easier to use (drilling in or out) and considered perfect for most toilet seats. Whereas integral bolt-and-nut mounts can look better in the beginning but proves to be frustrating when it is required to be removed.

Select the Right Material:

Decide whether you want plastic, wood or cushioned seat for your toilet. In UK, most homeowners look out for toilet or commode seats made of high impact plastic or plastic coating over composite wood. When you want longevity, functional and appealing then it will be always better to opt for plastic toilet or commode seats. Plastic commode seats are cheaper than their wooden counterparts as well as have some additional features like automatic slow-closing lid and are less prone to scratches or crack.

Do not forget to take the Right Measurement:

While buying toilet or commode seat it is important to take the right measurement:

  • Bolt-to-Bolt: Measure the distance between centres of the bolt holes- those are found at back of the bowl (where the seat is attached with toilet bowl).
  • Front-to-Back: You need to measure the inches between bolt holes to the front of toilet bowl.
  • Width: Measure across the toilet bowl at its widest point.

You must understand that all commode seats are not moulded in the same way, for which taking measurements will prove to be effective before buying a right one.

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