Top 4 Things To Do On A Full Day Cape Peninsula Tour

The Cape Peninsula is located in Western Cape of South Africa, all-inclusive the Cape Town metro area and the False Bay area. If you want to experience the serene beauty and scenic landscapes of Cape Peninsula in South Africa, then planning a full day tour makes sense. Upon choosing this tour itinerary, you will surely enjoy the convenience of guided visits as well as the independence of sightseeing while getting up close with the dynamic nature with a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide.

Things To Expect On a Full Day Tour In Cape Peninsula

The full day Cape Peninsula will show you the spectacular wonders of the city of Cape Town — from the pristine beaches to the splendid sight of Cape Point.

1. Hout Bay & Seal Island Boat Trip: -

The tiny fishing village of Hout Bay is often regarded as the Republic of Hout Bay by Cape Town locals and often feels like an uniquely separated town. With the beautiful beach, delicious fresh seafood, bustling markets and handful restaurants make this suburb an appealing destination on any Cape Peninsula tour. Besides, you will also have the opportunities of admiring thousands of seals inhabiting the Sea Island.

2. Cape Point: -

Cape Point and the amazing nature reserve are the most famous landmarks around Cape Town and for good reason. Situated on the bottom of the peninsula, the Cape Point comprises of rugged cliffs, wide open spaces and lush fybnos. One more thing you need to know that — no Cape Town tour is complete with visiting Cape Point!

3. Simon’s Town & Penguin Colony: -

You will explore a thriving harbor, a toy museum, plenty of sightseeing places like the Boulders Beach where you can enjoy penguin viewing.

4. Cape Of Good Hope -

Cape of Good Hope is a rocky promontory at the southern end of the Cape Peninsula, Western Cape Province, South Africa. Well-known for the rough seas, stormy weather, the Cape of the Good Hope Nature Reserve encompasses the southern tip of the peninsula. However, you will get to see a lighthouse on Cape Point which is about 1.2 miles (2km) east of the Cape of Good Hope.

Conclusion -

Want to explore Cape Peninsula? What are you waiting for? Consider booking a full day Cape Peninsula tour with Mytours and get the most out of your holiday trip! For more information about our tour itinerary, visit our Facebook,and Twitter pages!