How do I learn the most from my CEO, without taking up too much of his time?

To give your answer, I will narrate a famous epic story from Maharabharta in India.

Once upon a time there was a CEO (Guru Dronacharya), He was responsible to teach students from the dynasty king ruler of India known as Pandu. One village boy of Nishad (Bhil) community, came to this CEO and asked his time to teach him archery. The CEO thought I have very little time to give him, as I need to devote most of the time to the students from royal family, beside this if I teach there is possibility that this boy will compete my best archery student Mr. Arjun. He denied the boy to teach Mr. eklavya. The CEO was forgot this incident after some time. The eklavya was determined to learn archery. He constructed one statue of his CEO in Jungle and every day taking his blessing he started practicing the archery. One day this CEO with all his students came to visit this jungle. They were accompanied with their favorite dog. The barking of dog in jungle was making them alert and finding way deep in jungle. Suddenly the dog stopped barking and when group found the dog his mouth was full with arrow in his open mouth. CEO was surprised. They saw a boy standing at distance having arrows & Bow with him. CEO was knowing, there is no one teaches better archery in India then him, so he asked the boy who teaches you the archery. The boy said it is my CEO, come and meet him. He took them further deep in forest. after waking few meter they found the statue of CEO. The boy eklavya said this is my CEO and I learn from him every day after taking blessing from him. The CEO said it means you are learning from me (without taking too much time from CEO). We have a tradition every student pay some fee to CEO in return of learning from him. What you will offer to me as your favorite CEO. Eklavya was very poor boy, he was not able to think what he can offer in return of invaluable teachings from his CEO. He had asked in reply, please let me know what you want. CEO said I need your costliest belonging, and according to me the costliest belonging is your right thumb. Eklavya not even thought for a moment and in one chop he had cut down his right hand thumb and kept it in front of his CEO. Can you imagine the dedication of Eklavya towards his CEO?

So the answer as teaching of this story “If you learn with 100% dedication, you will learn from him, without taking too much of his time, you need to dedicate yourself towards learning like Eklavya”