Why World Is Suffering From Air Pollution ?

Air pollution

One of the biggest problem ever faced by whole world is Air Pollution.All countries are facing this problem.Human being is the only one who is responsible for this.Everyone want their city to be smart city but what is the cost of it? Cutting trees and started construction of building, roads, malls. Trees are cuting rapidly and it increases earth temperature. so every year temperature increases 2 to 3 degree and on that condition we prefer AC for our homes , offices, malls, schools , colleges etc . AC produced CFC and CO , harmful gases that effect only us. No. of Vehicles in the whole world are 1.2 billion approx. and possibly it would increases daily . Vehicles generates Sulphur Dioxide it contains lead as main element which is very harmful for human being. All these gases affect the Ozone Layer of the atmosphere. Air Pollution causes many serious diseases like- Asthma , Heart attack , Blood pressure, Neuron system also effected by air pollution . This is the main reason that children , adult are facing the problem of concentration of their study and job. To prevent your self from air pollution follow these simple steps

Today big countries like India ,China ,US are facing the big problem from air pollution . Couple of weeks ago a news was in trend that Delhi and Beijing are playing a competition to win “Most polluted city in th world ” sometimes delhi win sometimes Beijing .

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