New Markets For Vietnam Tourism In 2016

One of the first targets of Vietnam Tourism in 2016 is promoting the tourism of our country to new places in the world, contributing at opening new potential markets and attracting more foreign tourists to the country in this National Tourism Year.

Focusing on new and potential markets
After 13 months decreasing internation tourists coming to Vietnam, in recent months, this status has been basically improved. And in the coming preriod of the National Tourism Year, the solutions found are promoting the beauty of Vietnam and traveling in Vietnam to new and potential markets. 
What are new and potential markets?
According to Mr Dinh Ngoc Duc, Vietnam will focus on some markets such as: Europe, North East Asia and ASEAN. Firstly, Europe is still a very potential market with a huge number of backpackers attracted by sunny and challenging experience in Vietnam. Secondly, Japan, Korea and China in North East Asia are three countries that there is a big number of visitors to Vietnam recently (about more than 50%). Finally, in the period of coming in to the Ecomony Community ASEAN, people in our areas are the most potential customers of Vietnam Tourism.
It sound a little bit far — How to reach these markets?
Mr Duc said that in spite of evaluating clear markets and customers, the touism still has to reach to with a limited budget for communication and media. Therefore, they decide to choose Internet Marketing, a popular access of other countries’ toursim these days. 
This is a ecomonical and effective way to communicating to the world: reducing the geographic distance, promote widely, decrease time and money… Not only about money, this access can reduce the pressure on tourist agencies, domestic airlines as well as other domestic and international partners.
Stop spreading, start focusing
This year, the tourism will join big festivals and tourist activites. However, those activities will not be spread. People intendedly to focus on some festival in North Asia, South East Asia and Europe — our leading markets pointed.
During these festivals, there will not only Vietnamese stores but also products introduction, press conference, business meeting. We will also connect to other nearby countries to organize and introduce more colorful activities. 
And learning from other tourism industries
Vietnam will invite farmtrip, presstrip from source market to our country to observe and report about traveling in Vietnam. On the other hand, our farmtrip and presstrip will go oversea to research, survey and learn about tourism development experiences.

Source: Weekly Trip

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