Hi Shechops.
Anish Ray

Hi Anish. Thanks, hope this proves useful. So on the Quizlet app, I did each of the Sets by first just scrolling through the words and meanings, and then Testing myself on them. So I didn’t use the flash card feature as much as the test. In the test, select all 51 cards, and disable written responses. Do 1–2 sets a day and do them a few times. Doesn’t take too long.

Also another thing about the GRE is that it’s an aptitude test. It’s testing our base level of aptitude. So as you go along giving our mocks, you’ll begin to see a certain range of scores that you get. Usually even all the prep can only get you +15 points up. More than that is hard. Because there is a certain quant and verbal level we are at based on our life experiences. So as you go along, you’ll see whether you may need more time, maybe 6 months to go beyond that level for yourself and develop more rooted habits. Otherwise depending on the course you want to apply for a 325 is a great score too. That’s a trade off you will need to decide on :)

Wish you all the best!

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