How to add fun and adventure to your car ride with tyre customization?

If a child is still alive in you who crave for adventure and fun, tyre customization is what you all need to do. Let us know in what ways tyres can be upsized or customized and how JK Tyre can be a great help.

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Before moving ahead, you must be aware of the upsides and downsides of tyre customization. Let’s be candid, tyre upsizing is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is for those whom adventure weighs more than comfort. This customization or upsizing is executed in two ways

  • Customization of wheels
  • Customization of Tyre

Customization of wheels:

How alloy wheels transform looks of a car?

Wheels and tyres play a crucial role in cars, on one hand, it upholds load of the entire vehicle and on the other, they add aesthetic value to cars. Except for a few entry-level cars almost all cars come with a choice of alloy wheels. In high-end variants of the cars, alloy wheels are an inherent part but it is very obvious that you have to shell out extra bucks for it.

Besides paying extra for these features, a customer has to pay for the accessories may not be required. All are not interested in cosmetics, I believe. Secondly, the car companies offer very limited options for alloy wheels. So the best option is to make use of aftermarket car merchandise.

For upsizing, there is a number of alloy wheels available of various make -both good for wallet and willingness. Alloy wheel are head turners! Remember how often our eyes stuck at the sight of attractive and shiny alloy wheels of cars passing by.

They enhance both style and strength; manoeuvrability and might; most of the cars come fitted with standard pressed steel disc wheel which is despite some usefulness and economy to appear unexciting and unattractive. They are heavier and dull. In comparison, alloy wheels are made of lightweight metals like aluminium and magnesium which make it lighter in weight and higher on stance and performance.

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They avert damages even on road full of potholes and cracks very common in our county. But alloy wheel enthusiast should never mind paying regular cleaning as the alloy wheel may expose to corrosion after some time.

Technically speaking allow wheel offer greater conduction thus able to dissipate heat produced by the friction of tyres and also allow better breaking to the vehicle.

Tyre customization:

How tyres add adventure to motion car?

Upsizing with wider low profile tyre is the snappier way to personalize the vehicle. With the abundance of choice in aftermarket especially JK Tyres add wow factor to the owner’s feelings. Broad tyres mounted on alloy wheels make the car stunning, cool and terrific.

In other words, wider tyres enable more traction on the road, hence exceptional control and stance! The owner feels confident to cruise the vehicle freely at comparatively higher speed. In addition to it, the wider surface of the tyre offers greater breaking, balance and safety.

However, you must be aware of some of the flip side of this customization like heavy steering, low fuel efficiency, wrong speedometer reading. But these intricacies are mastered once you get used to them. In next blog, I will share tips on care and concern of tyre upsizing.

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