Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Tyres: Some precautions to adhere to when changing the tyre

The roads are full of potholes, craters, bumpers, stones, nails and debris, etc. There are very high chances of you getting stranded in the middle of the road with your bike or car at a remote place with no network connection to call for help!

These situations are really dangerous and every possible method is to be used to avoid it as much as possible. Knowing how to change the damaged or deflated tyre can help you to escape such a situation and reach the nearest garage or your home to get the car to run like before.

It will be useful to check out your car insurance policy to identify the conditions which form the assistance package. Do they provide service after hours, are there any additional expenses involved, what distance will they travel to help you when in need, is there any emergency hotline to contact in case of severe accidents? Seeking answers for such questions much before you hit the roads will be a better idea. Using the best, branded Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Tyres will ensure increased safety for your whole family.

Emergency kit

Without having proper equipment at disposal, it is not possible to change the tyre. To enable safety changing of this accessory, there will be required:

  • Fully inflated spare one
  • LED lantern or flashlight
  • Wrench well suited to its lug nuts
  • 1x1 m industrial plastic sheeting piece
  • Functioning jack
  • Industrial leather gloves

However, it will be crucial to know that the spare tyre will be in a position to provide support to the vehicle only to cover limited distance. If traveling long distance along a route that does not have mechanic or filling station, then it will be a wise idea to carry along the necessary piping and air compressor in the emergency kit.

Use only the best branded products like Mrf Tyres for your bike and cars for durability and smooth ride.

Conclusion: With some precautions, you can be rest assured of driving your bike or car through remote locations without having to worry about anything, especially the tyre.

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