Treadwear isn’t the only reason you should replace car tyres

Generally, people think about replacing their car’s tyres when they see that the tread has worn out. This is alright for car enthusiasts who drive on regularly. However, for car owners who drive their cars rarely or occasionally, this condition should not be the only reason they need to consider replacing tyres.

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When you drive a car occasionally the tyre tread remains intact and unused for a couple of years. In cases like these, vehicle owners need to re-evaluate their method of identifying the tread wear as the cars began to age without showing the ageing signs on the tread wear. Collectors’ cars and vehicles use high-quality tyres like Falken tyres yet they need replacement before the tread wears off.

Tyre manufactures design the car tyres with tough and flexible components like fabric plies, steel belts and the rubber compound. The structural integrity of this tyre began to degrade through the course of the time due to chemical reactions and cyclic fatigue within the elastic components of the tyre.

The internal structure gets damaged within the rubber component because of the hazardous chemical used. Exposure to hot climates and sun also determines the tyre’s degradation level, without showing its reaction on the tread wear. Vehicles that are often parked inside the garages and ride on the quality tyre like Falken tyre has the longest lifespan.

Another variable for measuring tyre ageing is how vehicle tyres are used. This included under-inflation, over-inflation, and use on the roads with curbs and potholes, as conditions like these weaken the internal composition of the tyre structure.

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However, even if you use the tyre in good climatic conditions and environment and keep it under proper care, the factor of age still exists. Usually, the maximum warranty for a tyre is valid for 5 years. The tyre that runs in high-speed rating is prone to get degraded with the increasing age.

Therefore, all car enthusiasts and vehicle owners should take this into consideration and know when they need to replace their tyres. Buy Falken tyres for maximum warranty and high-quality tyres.

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