Why people leave the church… and never come back
Nate Bagley

I agree with what Nate says in this article, however I feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Of course there are places for people who make choices to look at porn, do drugs, drink, be promiscuous, and anything else a ‘good mormon’ would call ‘sinful behavior’. However, as someone who has left the Church for a time (to a degree) and come back, I feel that it’s just as easy for the ‘leaver’ to say ‘You’re judging me, you’re a hypocrite and not being Christ-like’ as the ‘stayer’ to say ‘well according to your choices, neither are you’.

For example, if you leave the Church because of the ‘soul-crushing’ and ‘limiting’ rules it uses to run member’s lives, and go off doing (what the scriptures call ‘all manner of abominations’) whatever you want, you can’t be mad, when friends/family/associates who are trying their best to be good members and live their lives like Christ has taught, don’t want to hang out with you as much; especially if you feel entitled to act the way you think is right when you’re around them.

It’s easy to say ‘just love them’ or ‘just love me’ when we’re the ones who leave and feel justified for leaving (for whatever reason). But it’s not so easy to love someone who chooses to do/say/think things that make me feel awkward, uncomfortable, and frankly gross inside. I, a person trying to be a good Christian, shouldn’t be called a hypocrite because I distance myself or my kids from people making, what I see as toxic lifestyle choices.

Bottom line, truth is truth, whether you believe it or not. If it’s not ‘your truth’, then that’s great! Like Nate said, believe in the gospel that he believes in and strive to improve your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We all know that the world we live in today could use a lot more helping than hurting, positive than negative, and compassion than judgement. Whether that means staying in the Lord’s Church and doing the way He has directed, doing it the way you want to, or not doing it at all, just be a good person and help others. It’s pretty simple actually, no matter what you believe.

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