AKB48 Stands With The Fans, Dominate The Market Through Pop Culture

photo source: mymphotography

AKB48, the world famous idol group in the world passed the year of 2016 with their own way. Although in 2016, they should let some of their stars graduate (leave the group).

Four major singles were release in 2016, with the average revenue one million copy for every major single title sold that they released, Make AKB48 were not only the biggest idol group in Japan, but they are the biggest “girl band” in the world. Akimoto Yasushi as their founding father, should be proud and always smiling to the girls.

Since 2005, AKB48 is a magical phenomenon that Japan can be proud to the world. AKB48 makes an image that every girl can be a star with the hardwork for success. The fans of AKB48, we called it “Idol Otaku” or “Wota” are always keep their tradition to maintain AKB48 (Group) development and dominate the chart every time AKB48 release a major single. There are no hesitate from the fans to spend their money to support or even to meet and closer with their idol.

Japan have several culture that their moved for. Not only their traditional, The world known Japan for their pop culture movement. The pop culture today in Japan, really changes the world into a hype. Japan use their technology-and idol group-to justified the pop culture movement that always developing every time.

Talk about the pop culture comparison. Japan now most closer competitor, Korea, were moved with they own K-Pop sensation. There are nothing to compare between Japanese Pop Culture and Korean Pop Culture. Korean Pop Culture have their own waves, but still Korean artist need Japan market to reach some “revenue”. In the Japan market, Korean artist should brave themselves to compete with AKB48 as the queen of Japanese extravaganza.

There always be a way to take a step on the chart, like korean Pop try to steal the market. What should AKB48 do? Yep, just release a single (with their fan service as a bonus) and the Korean would go out the market.