How Taking 5 Minutes Can Save and Secure Your Business Data for Life

Backing up your business data should be the norm. Unfortunately, for many businesses and practices, be they legal, medical or accounting, it is not. Some of it comes from a concern that it is a tedious and lengthy practice to sign up for a service, or more importantly that online backup services are not secure or not compliant with regulations such as HIPAA. Much has changed in cloud storage over the last few years, especially with regards to security, compliance with privacy standards and ease of use.

At MyVault it can take less than 5 minutes to start ensuring your data is backed up securely using our end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology. E2EE means that only you have access to the content of your data, since it is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer. Unlike our competitors, not even MyVault staff can access any content of any files that are backed up. For healthcare professionals this means that MyVault can also be used in a HIPAA compliant system.

With MyVault, in just five minutes you can go from unsecured risky data management for your business, to a state of the art backup solution. Here is our under-5-minute guide to complete the process:

1. Determine which MyVault vault suits your needs (our plans are viewable here). A quick 3 step guide to selecting a vault can be found here.

2. Create an account by clicking the “Free Trial Vault” button next to your vault of choice, and complete the required fields, clicking next when you are done.

3. Next confirm and complete the payment information. Congratulations you have an account!

4. Download and install the MyVault Software, following the prompts (we give helpful tips along the way). You are now ready to backup whatever business information you need to secure.

5. Drag and drop files and folders to backup, or right click folders that you want backed up and select them to be backed up.

Following the above steps can take less than five minutes. Think about it! Less than five minutes to radically minimize data-risk in your business.

If you need a more detailed guide our helpful starter guides can be found here and frequently asked questions here. Our helpful customer service representatives are also available via chat support on our site. Chat to them to get a discount coupon for an extended free trial.