Vaults vs Boxes

Backing up important files and folders to the cloud is not just about having a spare copy in case something goes wrong. Although this is important, the safety and security of these files in the cloud also needs to be considered. Backing up important information, only to have this information leaked or exposed through either internal or hacker attacks can be just as costly, and in some cases more costly, as not having backed up information in the first place.

This is why end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is so important. E2EE works on the principle of encrypting your files before they even leave your device. These encrypted files are then sent over a secure connection to a server where they are stored behind an additional layer of encryption. Having your files encrypted before they even leave your device is one of the best and most trusted ways of ensuring that no one, not even the service provider you use, has access to the content of your files. No online storage service can be considered a vault without using E2EE.

Think about the physical equivalent of vaults and boxes. Some things are okay to store in boxes — easily replaced non-essential items. You don’t store your old appliances, or junk mail in a vault. However, you don’t store your money, or business documents in a box either. Online boxes, like their physical equivalent, are just not as safe as vaults.

The main advantages of online vaults over online boxes are:

  1. Vaults have an extra layer of encryption which starts on your local device.
  2. Vaults are less likely to have their content hacked.
  3. Vaults offer more privacy, since not even service providers can scan the content of your files.
  4. Even if a service provider is hacked, the contents of the files are still encrypted and can’t be accessed without knowing the owner’s password.

The main disadvantages of online vaults over online boxes are:

  1. The extra technology is slightly more expensive (but still extremely affordable and the costs are constantly decreasing).
  2. Due to the need for encryption/decryption of each file on the local devise before being transferred to the cloud, vault technology is marginally slower than box technology. Although the difference is speed is nominal, the increased security is incomparable.

At MyVault® we provide end-to-end encrypted vaults that are easy to install and use. Backing up your folders is as easy as two-right-clicks. Or if you prefer, you can use drag-and-drop to backup files and folders.

MyVault® also has numerous other features, apart from backing up, including archiving of data, version control, syncing between devices, sub-accounts and sharing folders. All of these features also make use of end-to-end encryption services, so your files are always in a vault.

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