What RMK’s logo design should really look like.

Shopping online with RMK? Just (don’t) do it.

Why pre-ordering with the RMKstore is a ‘sole-sucking’ experience.

Just FYI, I don’t usually give bad reviews to a brand. In fact, I don’t write reviews at all. So clearly, this is the worst online shopping experience that deserves a long blog post.

Some people pre-order items like the iPhone 6, books, DVDs, the new Mumford & Sons album. And more often than not, their orders work out just fine. This is the story of how a pre-ordered pair of Nike running shoes turned into a running joke that wasn’t so funny for me.

On 9 February 2015

I pre-ordered a pair of Nike Flyknit Roshe Women shoes. I selected the ‘DHL express delivery’ option, which promised to deliver the item in two to three working days.

RMK then sent me this email:

Your order is now being processed. We’ll send you another email with tracking info when your order has been dispatched.

Please kindly wait for our next email for the updates.

Even if I give RMK (and DHL) the benefit of the doubt, I should have received the shoes in at least five working days. And so, for the next few days, I waited with reluctant patience. And waited. And waited. And nothing.

I kindly waited for a few more days.

8 days after the shoes had been pre-ordered,

I emailed them again. I asked them what the status of my order was and why they hadn’t dispatched the item yet. Here’s what they said:

We would need to process your order in 2–5 business days normally before ship out your order. We will process your order as soon as possible and you will receive the tracking info by email after your order is shipped. Please kindly wait for our next email for the tracking info.

I was slowly running out of patience. The whole point of pre-ordering seemed lost on RMK.

11 days later, still no sign of the shoes.

I emailed them again. (Feels like I’m on a loop here.) I neatly squashed my ego into a little shoebox and even added an apology in my email: ‘Sorry for the nagging email. Hope you understand my concern as an international customer, ordering for the first time.’

Here’s how RMK replied:

We are sorry for the delay since there is the Chinese New Year Holidays from 18 to 23 Feb 2015. We will check the update status of your order for you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please kindly wait for our next email for the updates.

Post-Chinese New Year, I was losing it. It seemed like RMK was celebrating CNY all year long by not doing their fucking job. So fifteen days later, I shoot them another email:

I understand that there has been a delay because of the Chinese New Year.

However, it has been 15 days since my order and the item is not even on its way yet.

No status updates or anything. Please let me know exactly when you will deliver the item.

RMK’s reply:

We will check the update status of your order for you and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please kindly wait for our next email for the updates.The more I emailed RMK, the more they sounded like a fucked up answering machine from the 90’s. Same message, over and over and over again.

It’s now 19 (NINETEEN) days post the pre-order. I thought I had waited long enough. Here’s my next email:

This has been the third email from you guys telling me that you will get back to me as soon as possible and it has been almost 3 weeks since my order. And I have chosen DHL express which is supposedly 2–3 working days. I am getting quite impatient since the item has not been dispatched at all. Please get back to me on the status and not reply me with another ‘we will get back to you as soon as possible’ email.

They ignored me for a few days. So I emailed AND private messaged them on Facebook.

That finally got their attention. They replied:

We are sorry the item you ordered is out of stock now but we should have the restock of this item.


After calming myself down, I wrote:

Hi RMK store,

With all due respect, may I remind you that I pre-ordered the item?

By that definition, shouldn’t I be the first in line when the item was launched?

Instead, you sold out the item and left me hanging for 3 weeks without any notifications or status updates at all.

If you wished to neglect a customer who’s already pre-ordered the item BEFORE the item was launched with a DHL EXPRESS selection, it’s only fair that you email me much earlier so that I can cancel my order and order from another store.

I do not wish to wait any longer looking at your customer service quality. Unless you can guarantee that the item can reach here within a week.

Please offer me another solution ASAP.

22 days later, RMK told me they’re going to cancel my order and send me a refund in ten to eighteen business days.

15 days after the last email, the refund arrived: eight dollars short.

So there I was, sole-less and eight dollars poorer. RMK didn’t just not try to make up for their repeated fuck-ups, they didn’t even acknowledge their repeated mistakes.

In conclusion, pre-ordering with the RMKstore is FRUSTRATING, DISAPPOINTING and kinda like living life with false hope. Except false hope doesn’t break promises, treat you badly and cost you $8.