Choosing my first DSLR Camera

Around the summer of 2010 I started to develop an interest for photography and the gear involving it. So I began watching videos and read about photography and DSLR cameras. Soon I noticed the many possibilities that a DSLR Camera has and by then I really wanted one.

Since money was pretty tight I couldn’t choose for a high end DSLR camera. Also it’s not necessary at all since I was a beginner. Now that I new a bit about DSLR cameras already because of the research I started to read which cameras would be best for a beginner.

What brand to choose

As everyone knows there are many different camera brands that all make good products. Like with car people, there are always people that stand for one brand and think all others are bad. In essence, all brands are good cameras, but there are always differences in performance. One camera is better for daylight while the other stands out with night photography.

These points are actually not what I was looking for when searching for my first DSLR camera. Since a DSLR camera can switch from lenses I wanted to see which camera would be best for that. After a bit of research, it turned out that Sony DSLR cameras use the same fitting as the old Konica Minolta Cameras. This means that Konica Minolta lenses will fit on Sony DSLR cameras with an A mounting.

The fact that Sony cameras could mount Konica Minolta Lenses meant was for me a big selling point. Since lenses for DSLR cameras are really expensive this is a very good option for beginners in photography.

The camera of my choice

In the end, my choice was a Sony a250, the entry DSLR camera from Sony. The camera came with a standard 18 — 55mm kit lens with autofocus. The camera has a 10.2-megapixel sensor that makes sharp pictures by daylight. Like most of the entry DSLR cameras, it has also a build in flash.

The grip of the camera is really good with nice rubber handles. Also, all the buttons are well reachable while holding the camera in one hand. All in all the look, feel and handling of the camera was really well. Also, the autofocus is very quick and quiet.

Shooting with the camera

Working with the camera is a really nice experience, at first, I began shooting in Auto mode to see what the camera could do. Shooting with the camera in Auto mode is fairly easy, the camera does all the setup and makes sure a bright picture is made.

The other modes of the camera work very intuitive, it is easy to set the camera up and change quickly from setup. The camera also allows you to have different type of display settings, this gives you the opportunity to see easily which setup the camera is using.

Manual focus on the camera works very well, the ring is very sensitive and turns very smoothly. Manual focus works very well when you want to let and object or person really pop against a blurry background.

End Verdict

In the end I was really happy with the choice I made. I had a DSLR camera that basically could do all the things needed to be introduced to photography. The camera is very easy to use and very sturdy too. Its relatively compact size makes it easy to take with you in a backpack when you go out.

The fact that you can use cheaper Minolta lenses makes it a really attractive camera too for people that want to be introduced to DSLR photography. Since the lenses aren’t very expensive this doesn’t ty you to one camera brand for the rest of your life.

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