How you can Renew your Passport Effortlessly with Express Travel Services

After a period of time, the inevitable comes- the time to renew your passport. In order to do this- where should you go? What do you need to do in order to make sure the process goes through smoothly? Here is how you should apply for a passport renewal.

Go to an Official Passport Agency

There are a total number of 21 regional offices in the US that manage expedited passport renewals. With this option, you make an appointment at the passport office.

In some cases, you will need a valid reason for expediting passport application in official passport agencies. The fastest turnaround is of typical 1–2 days in case of life and death emergencies.

The processing time, however, is entirely dependent on the discretion of staff.


Renew Passport by Mail

All US passports can be renewed by mail, except for children’s passports. This is one of the most common methods of renewals, as it can be done from home with a mail pick up and printer.

Even so, just because the passport can be posted, it doesn’t mean that you will be availed with renewed passport right away. Depending upon how busy the offices are and the time of the year, it can take several weeks for standard processing.

Passport Renewal Application with Passport Services

If the above two option doesn’t appeal to you, then you can take advantage of passport services San Diego, Express Travel Services.

As one of the best in an industry, ETS visa and passport expediting company has offices in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston, San Francisco and Washington DC, with more than 10 years of experience.

The benefits of choosing a third-party passport agent company like ETS are having an experienced consultant by your side to assist you through the long bureaucratic process of paperwork all the while, requesting a service with a pre-determined finish time and data.

Even if you need your passport renewed in 24 hours, Express Travel Services will make that happen.

How to Renew Passport with Express Travel Services?

You will need to send the following documents to ETS for passport renewal –

  • The most recent US passport
  • A letter of Authorization [one] — Email or Call for the letter, which will be faxed to you.
  • Two passport photos that are 2x2 with white background. The photos must not be older than 6 months.
  • One Application form no. DS-82. You must complete the form online. After completion, you will see an option “Create Form”, which you must click on to generate a printable PDF format document. The document will contain a unique bar-code for your specific application. This bar-code is necessary as without it the agency will not be able to process your passport for renewal.

It must be noted that the signature on authorization form and the DS-82 form must match the one on your current passport. Plus, there should be no front-to-back printing on the application form.
Money order or check for $170 to the “US Department of State”. The agency will make a money order on your behalf for the fee.

Copies of US departure dates — Flight itinerary (computer generated) from the travel agency/ Airline agency, a copy of the airline ticket.