Iam an African. Iam black,lam from Kenya a beautiful country that so many people love visiting.

Iam a proud black woman. Black is just a colour… but being beautiful is part of nature. Iam a beautiful woman inside out.

Hair that defies gravity,skin that absorbs sunlight what more should I ask for.

Being light-skin doesn’t make me any different from a darker skin. Am still black. I won’t deny the fact that I always felt I wasn’t beautiful. I can’t imagine then when I would feel so uneasy to have a big booty and broader hips and how people are doing every thing possible to have it.

Many people out there are becoming victims of this brainwashing society, that would be glad to change their appearance without any hesitation. If it’s not talking bleaching products to lighten their beautiful chocolate skin.

I have watched and read how black women are mistreated,seen as ugly .

Dear God,

Why was I created black. Why did I have to be born in Africa and to this race that is being hold back.

Lord black is associated with evil,dirt,darkness the devil himself is said to be black , is that true.

Lord why me.

Make a change in my life . Do a recreation and make us all the same.

Wait! God is powerful but he cannot reorder the whole universe just to suit me so;

Dear racist,

Am not as bad as you think. Yes am black as black as coal from which beautiful diamonds are formed. You always sit outside at night watch the stars so why do you hate me when my eyes shine bright like the stars and am black as the darkness.

You call me ugly when God created us in his own image and likeness.

Why do you then take my hairstyles…boxbraids,jumbo braids to cornrows. You now having surgery to recreate a booty like and you still call me ugly.

Something you need to know is that am so beautiful ,intelligent and very smart.

The color of my skin doesn’t determine how I live my life . Listen, from the color of my skin to the texture of my hair. To the length of my strands to the length of my smile. To the curves of my hips to the glow of my skin. My black is beautiful.

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