We have been complaining of food price rise , I call it a scandal that we cant bare.

This scandal ain’t like NYS that we could just sit back and relax if people don’t react, when its about food we can’t joke about it. We don’t mess with our stomachs.

End of my verbal diarrhea , MV IVS Pinehurst a cargo ship docked at the port of Mombasa and even the agricultural minister came to see the breakthrough. The maize is from mexico shipped from Durban-South Africa and was carrying 29,900 tonnes, as we wait for our maize from mexico.

“As the nation continues to recover from the ravages of severe drought, the government would like to appeal to farmers, food manufacturers and other stakeholders in the food values chain not to engage in unfair business practices such as hoarding ,”
Government spokesman Erick Kiraithe

According to standard newspaper of 12th May government spokesman Mr. Eric Kiraithe announced that the shipment will lower the price of maize flour. As much as we know there other commodities that are still with high prices . according to the same newspaper the imported maize would ease the retail price of Unga to below sh.115 for a two-kilo packet from the current sh. 160.

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I have a problem with Kenyan government, they take time to act on issues. They are to lazy to work it seems like its a Kenyan thing; that’s why your building might be on fire and the firefighters will take a whole hour to arrive, you are attacked by terrorist police take time till you are all killed, your county flooded the first time and your governor does nothing about the drainage system and it floods, again you die.

When the country was facing hunger in different areas in the country such as Ganze, Kwale, Turkana just to mention a few, they would have contained the problem and there wouldn't be a bigger range of food prices we could have handled it before help comes in.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday talked of lowering the Unga prices, it was a good thing but we need something to be done to the other items too. This high cost of living can’t be handled yet with a poor economy and a capitalist country we ain’t as democrat as we think.