I grew up in a family where the word ‘I love you,”please’ and I missed you were rarely said being its 21st century even texted or whatsapped; but there was love.My father was kinder old fashioned or maybe he wanted to emulate his father (babu). very smart man,crisp clean,shirt buttoned to the collar,glasses and the pose of a military man. Stiff and rigid,a deep strong loud voice that terrified my liver. Brigadier was his nickname then.That was when he was my headteacher and he would cane me for late coming and I came with him. That was when he would cane me for noise making and he would ask me who my father was. That was when I would run so terrified when I saw him and tell others simba yuwaja(the lion is coming).

My friends would wonder with me and ask how I could be so proud of him when hes so harsh and ever with a long face. I knew my father loved me even thou he never said it. Hes not the touchy-feel type. But action spoke louder. He made sure he payed the bills,there was food,we were clothed,took us to hospital and took me to school and payed all my school fees like am some kinder of a rich kid from a royal family. I knew he was struggling hard. My dad is quiet a cheerleader in my life.

I know at times hes too harsh,I got couple of slaps from him,got bitten with bathroom shoes,got grounded but I still knew ma dad struggles.I would describe him as hardworking,ambitious,cool and no-nonsense man. Hes a great leader hidden out of spot lite.

I know people got fathers and have ridiculous thoughts like he doesn’t care or doesn’t love you. That’s not true . I have a born military man as a father and now am grown to a young lady, and I learned to be a doer. Trust me its better a love showed than told. Do you know why?? most times when we are told I love you and we fail to give an appropriate response.Thus we lead to other conflicts.

lets all be proud of our fathers.So dad you are my hero,teacher,best friend. I know I act psycho sometimes and you are like ‘is she really my daughter or a nurse changed my daughter with someones child’ but if that was the case I don’t want to meet my real dad because am contented with you as my dad. Am proud of you dad. you might not be on spotlight,rich,driving a range rover sport or known celebrity, I love you. I guess the one gene i dint get from you is keeping quite and not saying I love you. Am proud of you my ambitious dad you’ll be there someday.

This fathers day am celebrating my dad:Mr.Arnold Mwazuna Mrashui. I might not have heard the three letter words from you but deep inside I know you do.

I owe the woman I am to him.

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