I hate your lovey dovey

We all know or we tend to believe that when a guy approach a woman he is really in love right?? I thought so too but recently after doing my Spongebob Patrick research I realised it’s not really that.

A guy can approach you for certain reasons that are known well to him and he’s emotional triggers. Some would imagine great sex others would be there to have fun.

Please tell me if am wrong. This guy you started dating apparently told you all those sweet words that made you shiver just with his whisper or made you open your legs on your first date and he goes ahead to wipe out your lips stain out of his glass for him drink and a minute ago his tongue was colliding with yours. It doesn’t make sense man.

I guess when a guy approach you and you say yes you just took the risk deal with it girl . When he’s all like ;

We need to break up …you not good enough .

Be prepared for a plan girl don’t cry yourself out and be like all men are the same. Maybe if they truly are. Whatchu doing about it.

If men changed there tricks on love we got to step up our game and not be all emotional.

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