Am willy Paul’s fan no lie he got mad talent. If he wasn’t a gospel artist he would be Kenyans Diamond platinum. All the same hes good but he might have been carried away by the world pleasure and miss a step or two. He has been into controversial stories and most people think hes more of a secular artist than a gospel artist . Who are we to judge him remember stuff to do with religion are known to self only.

So lets talk about this “ because baby you my jigijigi unanipa jigijigi.” Yass hes new song jigijigi.

The first time i saw the name of the song even before listening to it i just judged it by the name. The name is sort of controversial because you can agree with me that the word jigijigi sounds nasty like ule dame nilimjigijigi…lol i know am evil minded but don’t lie to me you didn’t think of that too. When i heard the song i was so speechless the song is sweet and catchy.

According to me willy Paul is branding himself into love song. Most of willy’s songs are played in weddings so like yeah this guy is so bright and people should let him be. Kila mtu anajua imani yake .

Gospel industry is changing enzi za Mwanjala Abednego, Pastor Muiru, Esther wahome ni zilipendwa. We are in a generation that youth cant get convinced till you act like them . Pastors have mo-hogs wear rugged just to get to youths. Willy knows what hes doing even the bible says you should not judge anyone.

Jigijigi is 100+ vote from. Go willy go