Don’t you dare touch me!

Get the hell away from me.

Your looks on me , the names you call me.

why do you even try to spank me and you just met me on the road. Just because am a woman that doesn’t make me a sex object.

My body is not a public property. I have to speak this out if you like it or not. How dare are you touch me inappropriately, looking at me as if am a piece of meat?!! Even if am walking naked and drunk out of my mind you have no right to touch me.

You were asked why you touched me, pulled my clothes off and chewed me up like grocery , you were like “ did you see her dressing? she triggered me,” people are like yeah its her fault. Two wrongs never make one right.

Dressing doesn’t decide my wants. Maybe that’s not how you see it but that how it is. How our society is taking these matters makes it hard for people to confess they are victims.

We have to educate ourselves that nothing is marked as dressing triggers mans nerves that you cant control yourself.

Don’t tittle anyone because it might be her today or you tomorrow with that long buggy dress you always wear . life is like merry go round.