Can’t Access Mywifiext? Let us Resolve and Extend your Wi-Fi Network

Mar 3 · 2 min read

Mywifiext that is not working for a prolonged time is something that no one can afford. It’s unavoidable! There are several reasons for this due to which you are unable to run a smooth network over your laptop, mobile, and desktop.

  1. You forget the username and password you have chosen during the setup process.
  2. Not connected properly to the WiFi network.
  3. Connectivity error with Netgear and desktop

Setup and Installation is the first process of using the Netgear WiFi extender and you can’t jump over the next without completing the first one...

To Extend the Network…

Netgear Long range Wifi extender also knows as WiFi extender is a standalone device to enhance the network and power of the network. In the market, there is a number of WiFi extenders are available. Purchase them and enjoy the full speed data...

It is placed between the router and device location to give more network speed even if you are away from the router.

Let us Resolve it!

Start from the start….

  1. Place your Netgear extender in the center and near to the WiFi router and desktop.
  2. Open in the latest browser.
  3. Re-power the Netgear extender by unplugging and re-plugin into the electric switch.
  4. Note: Don’t keep other wireless devices nearby.
  5. Press WPS plugin of both devices to generate the LED signals
  6. Check whether green LED light is blinking or Red one.
  7. Also keep heat-generating appliances away from the Netgear extender. It could affect the network.

Still confused ask us at +1 (888) 316 0396

8. If not connected, take Ethernet cable to connect over the internet.

9. Visit the setting option and reset the password for router (In case you have forgotten the default one)

10. Try again to connect with the reset password.

Remember the password for both router and Netgear extender will be the same to connect with devices.

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