What Should I do to Connect with High-Speed Netgear WiFi ?

Common issue that every house faces is poor signal especially when you have multiple connections with one WiFi router. Feeling Irritated?

So, without wasting time on long stories, we simply start with the steps to rectify the network issue.

can’t connect to wifi network
can’t connect to wifi network
  1. Manually configure the Extender and Router.
  2. Restart your Extender Again.
  3. Check the LED lights of the Router and WiFi device whether its blinking or not.
  4. Try to Keep your Netgear Wifi range extender away from other cordless devices such as mobiles, electronic devices.
  5. Keep in mind that there is no interference between your device and Extender — Mirror, wall, and yeah glass.
  6. Also don’t forget to check the power supply and the attached hardware conditions.

Have you checked above listed guidelines but still facing problems in connecting your wireless range extender to the, feel free to contact our support team at (888) 316 0396.

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When you will open the browser www.mywifiextsolutions.com to enter the login and password, just to make changes in the WiFi Extender setting,obviously it won’t open. MyWiFiExtSolutions is a local website which provides only Wireless Network Setup services, and does not offer internet services . And for this you will need to contact us!

Tried everything and you got connected with the internet but only for the few hours! Because you moved to the next room….Damn what’s going on?

We have the solutions right here!

  1. Whether you have slow Netgear WiFi Connection, or
  2. Need a Long range extender setup service?
  3. Network is working fine with Laptops but unable to connect in Mobile?
  4. Network works pretty fine but automatically it shuts down by itself?

Dial toll-free number +1 (888) 479 0545 to fix the issue.

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